IntEMA - International Education and Management Association ROMÂNIA


Coordonatori activităţi locale si proiecte europene:

prof. Dorina GOICEANU

prof. Mary PETRESCU

prof. Roxana HERTZOG

                        prof. Tatiana BĂLĂŞOIU

   prof. Doinita BĂLĂȘOIU

   prof. Carmen MARCU

                        prof. George CALAFETEANU


            Administrare bază de date şi resurse on-line:

                        prof. Hermina POPA

prof. Monica CERBULESCU

                        student Marian BURTEA


Traduceri si organizare activităţi locale:

prof. Rodica BUZARNESCU

prof. Adina DEMETRIAN

prof. Laura BAROGA

prof. Ingrid CALAFETEANU

prof. Hermina ALBOIU          

prof. Marina IONESCU


Moderatori ateliere de lucru/Formatori:

                        prof. Barbosu  Nicoleta

prof. Buşe Daniela Rodica

prof. Carstea Vali Florina

prof. Cealicu Isabela

prof. Ciovica Fevronia Daniela

prof. Cismaru Cristian

prof. Ciuca Aida

prof. Coliţa Rodica

prof. Dincă Ligia

prof. Dinica Narcisa

psih.Dumbravă Maria Liliana

prof. Filfan Ana Maria

prof. Florea Mihaela

prof. Florea Nicoleta

prof. Gatej Sorina

prof. Gîrbovan Vasilica

prof. Goiceanu Sandu

prof. Iancu Adriana

prof. Incrosnatu Camelia

prof. Ionescu Mihaela

prof. Lungulescu Emilia

prof. Lupu-Banga Jeni

prof. Mendea Claudia

prof. Pappa Mihaela

prof. Patrascu Costela

prof. Petrescu Alexandra

prof. Preotu Claudia

prof. Radoi Anca

prof. Rădoi Aurelia

prof. Robescu Adriana

prof. Robescu Florian

prof. Sarpe Cristiana

prof. Smaranda Maria

prof. Sorin Dumitrescu

prof. Stefanescu Ioana

prof. Toporan Daniela

prof. Udrescu Cristina

prof. Vlad Mariana

prof. Voican Victoria

prof. Voicu Sanda

prof. Voinicu Maria

prof. Vrabie Violeta 

prof. Vulpe Lavinia



Tehnoredactare şi design materiale promoţionale:

elev Alexandru-Gabriel GOICEANU


 Manager de proiect:

             Prof. Dorina Goiceanu








Name of the Organization:

IntEMA - International Education and Management Association





Our Organization:




IntEMA-International Education and Management Associationis a teacher’s associationwho activates mainly in the field of education. We are teachers, trainers and specialists with experience in developing and promoting professional management of projects concerning the community as a whole, supporting research in education, project management, professional conversion and insertion strategies and promotion of human resources, developing training courses related to improve the communication, career counseling, and knowledge about the student’s personality.

Our activity in European projects is relevant; we have been involved in many European projects(1999-2014),international and national networks, conferences, trainings (

These objectives translate in a variety of actions, such as:

1. Advocating for the rights and equal chances necessary to all segments of population, including non-literate, persons with disabilities, disadvantaged and vulnerable groups in order to facilitate an equitable access to personal development and career paths compatible with the work market dynamics and the principles of our modern society.
2. Developing and promoting professional management of projects concerning the community as a whole.
3. Supporting research in education, project and programme management, professional conversion and insertion strategies and promotion of human resources.
4. Educating all categories of population by means of lifelong learning on topics such as non-discriminating attitudes and tolerance.
5. Facilitating the participation of adults in education projects and programmes, developing and using the opportunities offered by programmes that promote self-made formative itineraries, as dictated by different social contexts.
6. Stimulating and promoting cooperation relationships with national and international organisms.

IntEMA’s activities are:

Training courses

Intercultural education

·        Projects on Intercultural education, workshops and intercultural education for students and teachers

·        Intercultural workshops for youngsters and teachers

Seminars, cultural and scientific events:

·        Conferences in collaboration with different local and national partners

·        Seminars

·        Exhibitions

·        Info point

·        Youth and Intercultural Non formal education


Our motivation for taking part in European cooperation activities:

          Creating channels for successful transition between initial education and further training and career paths which has to include a clear concept of guidance and counselling;

          Helping learners to develop transversal competences such as social, civic, cultural and intercultural competences in order to adapt to our changing society and the requirements of the labour market by focus activities:

          Organising training sessions

          Implementing collaborative team-teaching methods;

          Developing innovative training offers for teachers, trainers;

          Developing strategies of Pro-active education for teachers, trainers and other adult education staff who work in adult education

Coordinator Romania: prof. Sandu Goiceanu